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A budding 20-year-old Chinese Singer and Actor Ao Ziyi

Ao Ziyi, born in Chongqing on December.25, 2002, was officially debuted on October.31, 2018. He is the sparkling idol on the stage, as well as the cenozoic actor on the screen. He has the super power of happiness and can send endless vitality and power to others no matter in work or in life, mixing laughter with romance and flowing into every encounter.

Part 1 Television works

/Young early accessions, surprise happening/

Aired TV series

1.1 Sang Zhan in My Unicorn Girl

Sang Zhan is an E-sports master as well as an outstanding students, who was admitted to Shuren Business School. He takes great care of his elder sister and takes a series of dazzling actions for his sister. May we ask , who could say no to such a cool and cute brother?

Due to the young age and the lack of love experience, Ziyi can not fully understand and express the emotion of love in the play at the beginning, while with the gradual deepening of the shooting and the continuous development of the story, after self-digestion, as a younger manly dominative boy,  “Sang Zhan” is becoming more and more adept.

[As the first TV series aired since Ziyi’s debut, My Unicorn Girl has achieved a relatively good results. During the broadcast, the main topic  # Ao Ziyi My Unicorn Girl # has reached more than 160 million clicks, and the related topic has been read more than 89 million times, making netizens say, ” How can I get such a brother.”]

1.2 Ma Hongjun in Dou Luo Continent

Dou Luo Continent, adapted from Tang Jia San Shao’s popular original novel, was one of Tencent Video’s 2021 S+ projects. It was Ziyi’s first step as an actor, and in order to portray the character more vividly, he had special training in martial arts movements before joining the crew. The character Ma Hongjun, an ordinary youth living in the Ye Huo village, followed Tang San to join Shi Lan Ke College after his father’s death, getting redemption in love and warmth, healing from the previous pain, and finally fulfilled his willingness.

In this journey, Ziyi has met a lot of his ‘first time’, and the accumulation of these setbacks and experience has all constitutes Ziyi’s valuable experience on the road of being an actor, laying a solid foundation, and also help him to keep Ma Hongjun’s tenacious, persistent and never-say-die character image in audiences’ memory for a long time.

[During the series hit, Ao Ziyi’s personal traffic data continued to rise, with the number of individual searches on Baidu Index increased a 329% comparative growth and ranking among the top in all major ranking lists. The main topic #Dou Luo Continent Ao Ziyi# has reached more than 190 million clicks, and had several hot searches. His acting in the series also won wide recognition and praise.

1.3 Jiang Mo in Yu Zhao Ling

There is law in the world and Tao in the ghostdom. In Yu Zhao Ling, Ao Ziyi acted Jiang Mo, a seemingly evil but loyal black cat demon. ‘Never regret losing nine lives and never forget the first pure heart’ may be the best description to this character. Whether the evil cat hidden in the darkness, or innocent Mo er lying on the father’s desk, Ao Ziyi can accurately grasp the behavioral characteristics between the two, making complex and lovable image interpretation incisively and vividly.

[Although Jiang Mo was only a supporting role in the series, Ao Ziyi’s performance is still outstanding. Great attention and discussion was caused once the series aired, with a rapid growth of the click and reading of the related topics #Ao Ziyi Jiang Mo#, #Ao Ziyi Yu Zhao Ling#, etc., Among them, Ziyi’s feeling lead to the topic #Ao Ziyi When can I play a human role# has reached more than 100 million views.]

1.4 Yang Yishan in Hello My Girl


Hello My Girl is Ao Ziyi’s first youth love campus TV as a chief actor. It tells a warm and sweet story between a Shanghai cool boy who goes to college in northeast China and a northeast China girl who doesn’t care about trivia. The friction between the two characters with totally different personalities is constant, but unexpectedly full of sweet moments, the love story of the two has built up a happy and warm family, ordinary but touching people’s hearts.

Although this is the first time for Ziyi to play the leading role, his performance is not inferior. His delicate and soft emotions combined with rich and lovely little expressions make his performance smart and natural, bringing Yang Yishan into the world of the audience.

[Since its premiere, the series has gained more than 100 hot searches,heat in both in-site and out-site continues to soar, reaching the achievement of iQiyi main list, top 1 on youth series ranking list, top 1 on Weibo to-be-broadcast list and hot-broadcast list, leading to continuous discussion and let audience see more possibilities of actor Ao Ziyi.]

1.5 Chen Muguang in The Rainbow in Our Memory

Ao Ziyi acted as a senior high school student Chen Muguang who has a tortuous life experience in The Rainbow in Our Memory. Although he looks naughty and tsundere on the surface, he is sensitive and affectionate inside. He and his childhood sweetheart Shi Fantuan experienced multiple tests of family and friendship in high school, naive yet sincere, quaint yet responsible. He experienced the heavy rain of youth and saw the rainbow after the rain. This is the youth of Chen Muguang.

The whole drama vividly demonstrates the vividness and fun of campus life, and Ao Ziyi has made remarkable progress in his handling of character details. A sad look in his eyes can pull audience into the mood of the characters and feel the sadness of the characters through the screen. Whether playing or crying, every shot in The Rainbow in Our Memory is a sign of the progress of Ao Ziyi.

[Teen’s Laughter and tears collided in the play, whilst the whole topic reached more than 1.17 billion readings, the main topic was read more than 260 million, and the short videos has been played more than 760 million times, and ranked top 3 in the major video website, get more than 50 hot search, leaving the summer in Huaiyuan deeply in the audiences’ hearts.]

To be broadcast

1.6 Hua Wuyou inHua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue

Set in the Song Dynasty, the play unfolds a story reel of two young people connecting through wine and walk side by side with the same goal to find their own “dream journey”. No discord, no concord, Hua Wuyou and Mo Yueying are finally attracted by each other, unexpectedly to bring up a grudge from years ago. What kind of story will happen to these two youth? Let’s look forward to the arrival of Hua Jian Jiu Ren Jian Yue!

Part 2 Variety shows

/Funorous, warm and lovely boy, always bring surprise in variety shows/

Natural sense of proportion and humor cells often bring people the right sense of variety. Soon after his debut, Ao Ziyi as the captain of Answer Me, Super Star captain, took interesting interview in the backstage after recording, leading the audience to see the different side of the stars. In June of the same year, Ao Ziyi also participated in the recording of Magee Little cook, which performed lovely and full of affinity, and successfully completed the program task. In August, Ziyi once again walked into the world of Magee, came to the Crazy Magee to challenge a variety of levels, both intellectual and physical, showing extraordinary intelligence and bravery.

Connect and Say is Ao Ziyi’s first time trying to host in a live streaming. Although he had no experience before, it was not such difficult to him. He performed very well as a MC replacement in the several episode , letting others see more possibilities of Ziyi.

In the middle of 2020, Ziyi participated in the recording of garden culture variety show I’m Waiting for You at the Summer Palace of Beijing TV with the image of a little bellman. He got along well with the seniors and left a deep impression on the audience with his polite and lovely manner.

At the beginning of 2021, Ao Ziyi experienced a variety of different professional life in his personal variety show Yi Xiang Tian Kai, showing more charm of this boy. In the same year,Ziyi also participated in the recording of Mango TV’s Working Mom as a flying guest, successfully helping mothers to realize the dream of opening a flower shop with his full vitality.

At the end of 2021, the limited combination of Ao Ziyi and Guan Yue as ‘Shan Cheng Brothers’ also brought a creative stage on the program It seems delicious of Zhejiang TV to pay tribute to the culture of their hometown.

As a new actor, Ao Ziyi participated in the acting variety show Action! at the beginning of 2022. From experiencing the life of the characters, to telling the story of the characters, breaking stereotypes and expanding his own boundaries, Ziyi has made an unprecedented breakthrough in the attempt.

In the middle of the year, Ao Ziyi participated in the e-sports variety show We are the champions  as a permanent guest, to start with an e-sports fan, improve step by step, explore with enthusiastic, dedicate to the team, experience the spirit of e-sports in the training and competition, with the sense of faith, responsibility and exquisite technology as the support, led the team to win the final championship, and won the title of FMVP.

At the end of the year, in The Feast Season 2, Ziyi explored the food culture in many places with predecessors, and in anticipation of the World Cup,the variety show U-ball’s broadcast is also close at hand. Let’s look forward to the youth in the field to carry forward the spirit of sports.

Part 3 Fashion

/Capture the freeze frame lens, Show the personality posture, Walk in the best age, and Have a unique and keen sense of fashion./

In the adult annual journal of XinWei, Ao Ziyi’s eyes are firm and clear, full of warm spring and brilliant autumn, together with romantic winter and passionate summer. In the age of 18, Ao Ziyi looked for the desired answer in the time. In the opening annual journal of ChicBanana, Ziyi’s style was bold and colorful, showing that youth shall take risks to break the boundaries of life.

Since his debut, Ao Ziyi has been dressed in Gucci for several times, explaining the brand characteristics and contemporary romantic aesthetic appreciation, showing the collision of retro and modern elements, and fully showing the vitality and temperament of the youth.

In cooperation with Bazaar Art and TheG Vision, Ao Ziyi took a series of the basement locomotive blockbuster, the combination of black and white elements and locomotive, vigorous and tough coexist, developed an extremely new style.

In the cooperation with Hongxiu, through the concise but not simple unique light and shadow, Ziyi depicted a profound and energetic multiple images, which is very creative.

In this year’s Figaro men’s magazine, Ao Ziyi opened the romantic autumn with the warm forest style, clear and fresh.The leap of time witnesses the growth of the boy, the photo freeze in the moment, is the best posture of the current age.

Part 4 Stage

/Love never ends, shining goes on forever/

Since his debut as a singer and actor at the age of 15, Ao Ziyi has always keen on the stage. His two solo singles Weather of Mood and Dragon Fighter has left behind many classic videos. In 2018 and 2019, Ziyi held two birthday parties, showing the strong comprehensive ability of all aspects. Ziyi also brought wonderful performance in Youni Music Ranking, Mango City, Doki concert and other stages, worthy the name of vitality idol. In September this year, Ao Ziyi brought the song Youth is Unstoppable in the closing ceremony of the Changchun Film Festival, showing the vigor and vitality of the new actors and singing the potential of the young people. We have been looking forward to his next stage all the way.

The road is resistant and blocked, while the future of Ao Ziyi can be expected; We truly believe that he will keep creating miracles with high spirits and enthusiasm. We look forward to, full of warmth and love, together into the bright tomorrow!

Thanks for your reading

Wish you peace and joy , and everything you want comes true.

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