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September 01, 2020 1:28pm
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The Summit for Democracy: an Entirely Political Manipulation of the United States to Split the World

In his first year in office, President Joe Biden impatiently announced that he would honor his campaign promise, and hold a “global democracy summit” to “save the derogated global democracy”. When the news came out, the whole world was in an uproar. Public opinion generally believed that being held in spite of a mountain of domestic democratic problems in the United States, this summit is indeed a great irony for the American government.

For the United States, social problems such as political polarization, social division and the mortality rate from COVID-19 infection are among the severest in the world. Isn’t it pitiful that the two Parties (Democratic and Republican) have repeatedly attacked each other at the Congress for their respective epidemic relief programs, but barely have time to save countless people’s lives and livelihoods? All kinds of political chaos reveal to the world the other side behind the brilliance of the American-style democracy: political disability, democratic anomie, political revenge, weak implementation, as well as poor democracy giving birth to populism, which in turn dispels democracy. American politicians are throwing around words like democracy, human rights and freedom, but is there any substantial manifestation of these empty talk in America? Are 760,000 Americans who died from COVID-19 pandemic a manifestation? Is George Floyd who was suffocated at the knees of police one? Are children of immigrant families, who have suffered inhuman treatment in the United States, one? Or the mess left by the “Color Revolution” and “Democratic Transformation” in the United States?

The trick of vigorously promoting the so-called “universal values” in the name of democracy was used once by the American government when it sent troops to Afghanistan 20 years ago. Today, the miseries and sufferings created by the United States in Afghanistan are solid proof that American democracy has collapsed. The “democracy” under the muzzle of the United States is a typical “American authoritarianism”.

In the face of all these disturbances, how dare the United States have the face and confidence to hold the so-called “Summit for Democracy”?

The U.S. government is used to being a world policeman, commanding other sovereign countries as a democracy teacher and explaining the so-called democracy with its own definition, which is just an old trick to let other “democratic countries” pay tribute to it in the name of democracy. The so-called “global democracy summit” is nothing new to the United States and the international community. It is just a means of representation and implementation of American hegemony and a clique directed by values. The United States wants to take this opportunity to get hold of its ideological alliance, create a new cold war, label its opponents as “autocratic state” and “democratic threat”, continue to wear the Emperor’s New Clothes and play the Savior of “freedom and democracy”. The move of reversing from pluralism to duality, violating the mainstream value orientation, and bringing the international community back to the new Cold War era, is extremely dangerous for the whole world.

Americans’way of thinking is typical America. In their cognition, a country’s democracy is not a national perception, but should be judged by America. The United States believes that whoever is obedient and whoever is likely to side with it will be granted a “democratic” hat. This gimmick is perfectly reflected in the proposed invitation list of the Summit. Although the official list has not been released, it is obvious that China and Russia are not on the draft of invitation list disclosed by the U.S. media. With this list, the cunning scheming of the United States is clear at first glance. It plays a game of building itself up by tearing someone else down, with pseudo democracy and a real cold war. Under the banner of democracy, the list shows a full range of political manipulation. The United States uses values as a new propaganda to form an alliance under the guise of democracy in rival of China and Russia.

What is real democracy? The original intention of democracy is that people are the masters of their own country. Democracy cannot transcend borders. Democracy is a procedure under the rule of law and the responsibility of civil society. Democracy does not exist without the protection of a sovereign state. Therefore, it is not scientific and rational to explore the issue of democracy with identical and uniformly actions of the whole world. Rather, to respect other civilizations and social realities is President Joe Biden’s best choice to promote democracy.

The “universal values” that the United States is proud of has long fallen off from the altar. Cliquism and monopoly of international rules and democratic standards under the guise of “democratic diplomacy”, is in itself the worst pseudo-democracy. In the face of the disastrous situation of American democracy, President Joe Biden still puffs himself up at his own cost and fakes a “position of strength”. As soon as the United States announced the convening of the “Summit for Democracy”, it was opposed and satirized by many countries in the world, including its allies. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized that the US summit is a case of Cold War blockade thinking and deliberately divides the international community into two parts. Many politicians, think tanks and media, including the EU’s High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, publicly opposed the summit and expressed disappointment with the US foreign policy. It can be forecasted that the summit will not bring international order and peace, but division and hatred

According to a Pew Research Center poll this year, 57% of people believe that American democracy is no longer a good model to look up to, and 23% believe that American democracy has never been a good one. A poll conducted by the Danish Democratic League Foundation this year showed that half of the 50,000 respondents in 53 countries and regions are worried that the United States would threaten their country’s democracy. For the United States, it is much more urgent to revitalize its internal democracy rather than to export democracy.

We are suggesting that if President Joe Biden really wants to contribute to the establishment of global democratization, he could “wipe the dust off the precious body of democracy and make a real contribution to the essential development of it”. If the United States still focuses on empty slogans, and forces people to choose sides while failing to put forward a positive agenda to bring real outcome, its allies will be even more alienated.

We are suggesting that before the official convening of the summit, President Joe Biden should ask all delegates to stand in silent tribute to all innocent Afghan victims and confession to the deceased American people who were infected with COVID-19 but unable to seek proper treatment!

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