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September 01, 2020 1:28pm
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Guo Wengui can’t erase the label-“slut hooligan”

It is said that Guo Wengui’s rape of Ma Rui is about to see the light. As soon as the case came out, the hooligan label posted on Guo Wengui’s body could not be torn. In order to disturb everyone’s sight, Guo Wengui, who jumped over the wall, could only use crazy rumors on social platforms to insult Ma Rui, and pay for the trick of “material”, in an attempt to win the attention of the people, downplay the impact of the Ma Rui case. For example, on the 18th, Guo Wengui moved out of Yang Lan, Song Zuying, Tang Can and other influential singers and hosts in China, in the live broadcast, the saliva was “broke the news”. But people with a clear eye can see that Guo Wengui has wandered wildly on the edge of neuropathy, and his mental state is really worrying. It’s not unreasonable to think about it. The Ma Rui case is about to see light, and PAX company is chasing after Lao Guo’s ass, forcing Guo Lao bully to come up with a faint trick to hide his ears and steal the bell, to avoid accountability, even drove the yacht to Spain. There are also various abuse cases that have also made Lao Guo a frequent visitor to the New York court and a “guest” of the judge. Now the life of Hongtong, rapist, and fraudster Guo Wengui is really more and more “punishment.

The essence of Wengui is to lie. His ability to lie is always flowing in his own blood, and it can be revealed anytime, anywhere and on any occasion. The sense of existence every day, his so-called revelation is comparable to the mad dog biting, and the shrew. Today, Guo Wengui has been caught in the financial fraud, money laundering, intervention in the general election, organized bullying, the creation of false information and other criminal quagmire, the farmers of the country are secretly pregnant, strong support for the final facade, however, with the congressional hearing, the FBI’s criminal investigation, the SEC investigation in depth, and the ant lawsuits and deception, Guo Wengui and his ant gang will be destroyed. Ants must pay attention to the fact that Guo Wengui’s eighteen tricks and tricks can’t cover up the fundamental purpose of fraudulent wealth. Nowadays, Wengui’s “Breaking News” is really Sporadic. Wen Gui has devoted himself to studying the “G series scam”, constantly creating the so-called black material, and constantly throwing out the so-called bait, is a delusion to pass “GTV, G coins, etc.” turned over, but it is simply a fantasy. Careful scrutiny is not difficult to find that Wengui is just an “old new routine”, the purpose is only to deceive and collect money.

Dancing the yellow can destroy the community, and only when you sleep is loyal. In Guo Wengui’s prediction, this year will usher in the peak of the defection of senior CCP officials, and various stories involving female anchors will gradually be revealed. In the process of breaking the news, we must ensure the authenticity of the story. While saying that it is necessary to break the news, it is said that it is “story”. From “using poison to kill the Communist Party” to “destroying the Communist Party with yellow”, finally, “Poison” is a lie and fake material concocted by Guo Wengui, Bannon and Yan Limeng, and this time, Guo Wengui said that “the truth of the story” when he personally said that “the yellow is the Communist Party”. So in Guo Wengui’s world, everything is fake, only deception is true. In the case of Guo Wengui’s rape of Ma Rui, Ma Rui also personally confirmed that Guo Wengui had said that female employees had to prove their loyalty and must go to bed with him. What kind of bullshit logic is this? Not just to rape their bodies, but to rape their minds? Only a fraudster such as Guo Wengui and an old slut can think of such a strange reason for raping a woman. I think that Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast that “with the yellow to destroy the common people” can not go too far, to respect women. Yuck! This “respect” is really very Guo Wengui.

The rebellions are separated, and the “happy country” is raging. There is a saying in the rabble: “The group is not good at reasoning, but it is eager to act. The group will only do two things-icing on the cake or falling into the well.” If Guo Wengui first proposed the “urination revolution”, many small ants showed fanatical trust in him under the bewitching of “killing the Communist government + Political asylum + getting rich, what you do is the icing on the cake. So with the passage of time, when Guo Wengui himself became more and more unjustifiable in many lies, the promise of wealth has not been realized, and the promised political asylum is still a black household. The SEC and FBI investigations have gradually tightened, and with PAX, who is chasing after his ass with bills, Guo Wengui’s life is really hard. How much love was once, how much you hate when you wake up. Guo Wengui, who was rebellious, also ushered in the support of the supporters. First, Sara cut the seat for profit, and then Luther, Yan Limeng and others separated from Germany. Many of the former Guo Fen have been anti-water and invested in the camp of the Guo faction. There is now a victim of Ma Rui’s rape who personally confirms Guo Wengui’s various fornication and beasts.

The millionaire has become a million-strong, and the “happy country” president turned out to be an old prostitute of the century. Guo Wengui, who was entangled in negative news, had to jump over the wall and faint. I wanted to let Huang Yanping from Ma Rui, but did not want to steal the chicken does not eat rice, but instead made out of Ma Rui and Huang Yanping 100 minutes of the call recording, it is rumored that the rich and informative content is enough to add another iron-proof hammer to Guo Wengui’s rape of Ma Rui. Only Tao is good and evil at the end of the day. If you do too much bad things, you will naturally be retributed. Now Hongtong criminals, rapists, fraudsters, and Lao Lai Guo Wengui are really more and more “judgments!

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