Washington D.C. 20549

Filed pursuant to Section 16(a) of the Securities  Exchange Act of 1934, Section
17(a) of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 or Section 30(f) of the
                         Investment Company Act of 1940

[ ]  Check  this  box if no  longer  subject  to  Section  16.  Form 4 or Form 5
obligations may continue. See Instruction 1(b)

1.   Name and Address of Reporting Person*
          Beckman             William
          (Last)              (First)             (Middle)

                           235 Central Avenue

          Holland            Michigan             49423
          (City)              (State)             (Zip)

2.   Issuer Name and Ticker or Trading Symbol
          Clarion Technologies, Inc. CLAR

3.   IRS or Social Security Number of Reporting Person (Voluntary)

4.   Statement for Month/Year

5.   If Amendment, Date of Original (Month/Year)

6.   Relationship of Reporting Person to Issuer (Check all applicable)

     ____ Director                      ___ 10% Owner
     _X_  Officer (give title below)    ___ Other (specify below)

7.   Individual or Joint/Group Filing (Check applicable line)

     _X_  Form filed by One Reporting Person
     ___  Form filed by More than One Reporting Person

TABLE I - Non-Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Benefically Owned

1.   Title of Security (Instr. 3)
        a. Common Stock
        b. Common Stock
        c. Common Stock
        d. Common Stock
        e. Common Stock
        f. Common Stock
        g. Common Stock
        h. Common Stock

2.   Transaction Date (Month/Day/Year)
        a. 3/1/02
        b. 3/1/02
        c. 3/1/02
        d. 2/28/02
        e. 3/1/02
        f. 2/28/02
        g. 3/1/02
        h. 2/28/02

3.   Transaction Code (Instr. 8)
          Code          a. P
                        b. P
                        c. P
                        d. P
                        e. P
                        f. P
                        g. P
                        h. P
          V             a. -
                        b. -
                        c. -
                        d. -
                        e. -
                        f. -
                        g. -
                        h. -

4.   Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of (D) (Instr. 3, 4 and 5)
          Amount        a. 10,000
                        b. 10,000
                        c.  7,000
                        d.  3,000
                        e.  7,000
                        f.  3,000
                        g.  7,000
                        h.  3,000
          (A) or (D)    a. (A)
                        b. (A)
                        c. (A)
                        d. (A)
                        e. (A)
                        f. (A)
                        g. (A)
                        h. (A)
          Price         a. $0.26
                        b. $0.26
                        c. $0.26
                        d. $0.26
                        e. $0.26
                        f. $0.26
                        g. $0.26
                        h. $0.25

5.   Amount of Securities Beneficially Owned at End of Month (Instr. 3 and 4)
        a. 500,000
        b.  50,000

6.   Ownership Form: Direct (D) or Indirect (I) (Instr. 4)
        a. (D)
        b. (I)

7.   Nature of Indirect Beneficial Ownership (Instr. 4)
        a. -
        b. By Children

Reminder:  Report on a separate line for each class of  securities  beneficially
owned directly or indirectly

                            (Print or Type Responses)
*If the Form is filed by more than one Reporting Person, see Instruction 4(b)(v)

FORM 4 (continued)

 Table   II - Derivative Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned
         (e.g., puts, calls, warrants, options, convertible securities)

1.   Title of Derivative Security (Instr. 3)

2.   Conversion or Exercise Price of Derivative Security

3.   Transaction Date (Month/Day/Year)

4.   Transaction Code (Instr. 8)

5.   Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of (D) (Instr. 3,
     4, and 5)

6.   Date Exercisable and Expiration Date (Month/Day/Year)
          Date Exercisable
          Expiration Date

7.   Title and Amount of Underlying Securities (Instr. 3 and 4)
          Amount or Number of Shares

8.   Price of Derivative Security (Instr. 5)

9.   Number of Derivative Securities Beneficially Owned at End of Month
     (Instr. 4)

10.  Ownership Form of Derivative Security: Direct (D) or Indirect (I)
     (Instr. 4)

11.  Nature of Indirect Beneficial Ownership (Instr. 4)

Explanation of Responses:

                                     /s/ Pamela S. Haan                  9/05/02
                                     **Signature of Reporting Person        Date
                                     Pamela S. Haan for William Beckman
                                     by Power of Attorney

**Intentional  misstatements or omissions of facts  constitute  Federal Criminal
Violations. See 18 U.S.C. 1001 and 15 U.S.C. 78ff(a).

Note: File three copies of this Form, one of which must be manually  signed.  If
space provided is insufficient, see Instruction 6 for procedure.