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How To Use Coating Pan To Produce – Chocolate Garlic Crisp (with recipe)

(1) Product introduction

Garlic is a good condiment in our daily life. It is rich in nutrients. It not only contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but also contains many vitamins, and has the effect of detoxification and disease prevention. But it has a special pungent smell that some people can’t accept, especially children. We mix garlic powder with rice flour and other raw materials to make hollow beans, and then wrap a layer of chocolate coating, which greatly weakens the taste of garlic, so that children eat some garlic when they eat snacks, thus preventing disease and detoxification effect.

(2) Main equipment

The main equipment for the production of garlic crisps are sugar coating machine, powder mixing machine, water bath, rotary roasting cage and colloid mill.

(3) Formula

(1) Compound powder formula

Rice Flour 30% Starch 10%

Flour 15% White Sugar 30%

Garlic powder 15%

(2) Seasoning liquid formula

In terms of sugar solution, sugar: water = 1:1

Ginger powder 1.5%. Chili powder 0.5%

Allspice 15%. Pepper 0.5%

Salt 1.5% Soda 4%

(3) Chocolate Sauce Recipe

Cocoa Powder 8% Whole Milk Powder 15%

Cocoa Butter Substitute 33% Vanillin, Lecithin Appropriate

White sugar 44%

(4) Process flow

sugar liquid

Popping rice → forming → semi-finished product → foaming → filtering chocolate coat → throwing and standing → polishing → finished product

↑ ↓ ↓

Mixed powder Insulation

with chocolate sauce

(5) Operation points

1: Compounding: Pour 3 parts of honey into 1 part of boiling water, stir evenly, so that the honey is completely dissolved in the water, and its concentration should not be too large.

2: Preparation of seasoning liquid Put 1 part of water and 1 part of white sugar into the pot to dissolve, then add a certain amount of ginger powder, five-spice powder, chili powder, salt and other raw materials, heat to boiling, and boil for 5 minutes. Add pepper and stir well, then remove from heat to bring the temperature of the seasoning liquid to room temperature, pour in soda water, and stir continuously until completely uniform. Soda water is prepared by dissolving the required amount of soda with a little water.

3: Mixing of compound powder Put half of the ingredients of flour, sugar powder and rice flour into the mixing bucket or other container, add all starch and garlic powder, stir well first, then add the remaining flour, powdered sugar and rice flour Rice flour, mix well.

4: Forming Pour the popcorn into the sugar coating machine, turn it on, add a little honey liquid to make the juice fine and evenly pour it on the popcorn until the surface is covered with a layer of shiny honey. Then sprinkle a thin layer of compound powder on the surface to attach a layer of flour to the surface. After turning for 2 to 3 minutes, pour seasoning liquid for the second time, and then sprinkle a layer of compound powder and seasoning liquid alternately until the compound powder is mixed. until the powder is used up. Generally, after adding the compound powder 6-8 times, the sugar coating machine is rotated for a few minutes, and the pan is ready to be wrapped and shaken. The entire molding operation is controlled to be completed within 30-40 minutes. Leave the pot for 30-40 minutes.

5: Baking Put the rounded product into an electric grill or a coal grill. During the baking process, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too high and burning.

6: To make chocolate sauce First, heat and melt the cocoa butter substitute in a water bath at 37°C. After it is completely melted, mix in white sugar powder, cocoa powder, and milk powder. After fully mixing, use a colloid mill for fine grinding. After fine grinding, add lecithin and spices, and then carry out refining for 24-72 hours. After refining, the temperature is first lowered to 35-40°C, and the temperature is adjusted after holding for a period of time. The temperature adjustment is divided into three stages: the first stage is cooled from 40°C to 29°C, the second stage is cooled from 29°C to 27°C, and the third stage is heated from 27°C to 29°C or 30°C. The tempered chocolate sauce should be coated immediately.

7: Coating Put the baked hollow beans into the sugar coating machine, pour 1/3 of the chocolate sauce into it, shake it well, then put the remaining chocolate sauce in two times, and turn the sugar coating machine for a few minutes until the Shake round. If the water chestnut type sugar coating machine is used to apply the sauce, the spray gun device is required. Under certain pressure and airflow, spray the chocolate sauce onto the baked heart. The temperature of the sauce should be controlled at about 32°C, the cold air temperature should be about 10-13°C, the relative humidity should be 55%, and the wind speed should not be lower than 2m/ s. In this way, the chocolate sauce coated on the surface of the core can be continuously cooled and solidified.

8: Round and set aside Move the product with good sauce to a clean water chestnut icing machine for rounding, and remove the uneven surface. It does not require cold air to cooperate. The semi-finished products with the effect of rounding are stored for 1-2 days at room temperature of about 12°C, so that the fat crystals in the chocolate are more stable, thereby improving the hardness of the chocolate and increasing the brightness during polishing.

9: Glossing Put the hardened and polished chocolate products into the water chestnut type sugar coating machine with cold air, add high dextrin syrup first when rolling, and coat the semi-finished products. After it dries, a thin film layer is formed on the surface. After being blown by the cold wind and rolling and rubbing continuously, the surface will gradually become bright. When the surface of the semi-finished product reaches a certain brightness, an appropriate amount of gum arabic liquid can be added to form a thin film layer on the surface of the polished chocolate to make the surface brighter.

10: Glazing Put the polished chocolate into the chocolate coating pan and keep rolling, and add a certain concentration of shellac alcohol solution for glazing. Shellac alcohol solution is chosen as the glazing agent because when it is evenly coated on the surface of the product and dried, it can form a uniform film, thus protecting the brightness of the polished chocolate surface from external climatic conditions The effect will not fade in a short time. At the same time, after continuous rolling and rubbing, the shellac protective layer itself will also show a good luster, thereby enhancing the surface brightness of the entire polished chocolate. When glazing, with the cooperation of cold air, the shellac alcohol solution is evenly coated on the surface of the rolling semi-finished product in several times, until a satisfactory brightness is obtained by rolling and rubbing, which is the finished chocolate product.

Use machine link:

(6) Matters needing attention

1: When preparing the seasoning liquid, be careful not to paste the pot or run the sugar. If the sugar has impurities, it must be filtered.

2: Popcorn should be selected with complete grains.

3: When pouring the seasoning liquid, it should be fine and uniform. After the powder is sprinkled, if it sticks together, it should be separated in time.

4: When applying the chocolate coat, you can put an electric stove under the sugar coating machine to adjust the temperature, because if the temperature is too low, the chocolate sauce will solidify quickly, and the shake will not be round. But the temperature should not be very high, otherwise the chocolate will melt and the hollow beans will not be coated with the chocolate.

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